Happy Monday Everyone,

This morning as I was taking time for myself, the words human communication came to my mind.  I was talking to one of my younger clients and they told me that “they don’t need anyone” and they are fine “just being alone”.  I let him express himself and give me all the reasons why.  They were the normal responses which consisted of no one being there for him during hard times and he always had to figure things out for himself.  I understand that, but I informed him that life is much easier if you had friends and relationships to carry you along your journey.

Whoever is reading this, you may have experienced a time where no one was there for you because you had to go through it by yourself to be able to share it with others.  I know that may sound crazy, but sometimes we just have to accept it and see how we can grow from it.  Please don’t isolate yourself from the world because of past situations.  The world is full of great and inspiring people ready to connect with you.

Remember, if you need a starting point, I’m here for you…

Have a great week!


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