In life, everyone deserves a chance to right their wrongs.  However, you have to be honest with yourself and the person you are involved in.  A lot of people are searching for “the right one” and are not taking time to invest in the actual “relationship”.  Back in the days, they used to call it “courting”.  This allowed each person to explore each others “GBU’s” , which are the good, bad and ugly’s and determine what they were willing to invest in.  Nowadays, people are too quick to run down the aisle and they are actually failing themselves.  Are you really “in love” with the person or “in love” with the idea of being someone’s wife or husband?  

In society, many people are questioning the right age to get married and have children.  The answer to that is that there is no right age anymore.  Society has changed and you do it when YOU are READY.  Often times, we have people in our “circle of friends” who are subconsciously telling you that it’s time and “don’t wait too long”.  Before you can be someone’s wife or husband, you have to be right with yourself first.  If you don’t know who you are, you will get lost along the way or there will always be unresolved issues. 

If you are single right now, take this opportunity to put yourself first and accomplish the goals that you set for yourself.  Invest in you in all areas (mind, body and soul).  No one in life really wants to be alone, but sometimes you need this to discover who you are and what you are worth.  Please don’t settle just to have a ring on your finger and say “my husband” or “my wife” and don’t know the first thing about what it takes to have a successful marriage.  The worst thing to do is to start off as friends and end up enemies.

Carla Marie’s advice for today:

  1. Invest in yourself (eat right, exercise, take risks, love yourself in all ways)
  2. Live out your life’s purpose (everyone was put on this earth for a reason, find out what makes you happy)
  3. Love will come when you least expect it, so stop searching
  4. Put yourself out there because if you are just always sitting at home and complaining, no one is going to find you and see how great you are.

This is my advice for the week.  Remember,if you need me, I am just a phone call away.

Carla Marie

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