How many of you believe that this statement is true in regards to picking at old scars in relationships, friendships, choices at work, etc. If you feel that you keep “picking at old scars” it’s time to stop, rub some peroxide on it and place a band-aid over the wound so that it will begin to heal. The only way for scars to heal is to let them heal on its own and stop going back. If you keep taking off the bandage to check on it, you will never be able to move one. Once it forms a scar, you can look at it to make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes.

I know its hard because something always reminds us of that person; the way someone laughed, dinner at a particular restaurant, a scarf, even a crack in the pavement. LOL. We can remember the good times, but also remember what forced you to make the hard decision to leave and put yourself first.

In your daily life, you have to set concrete goals for yourself. We are only granted one life on this earth and every day you wake up, make sure that you take care of yourself first and then the rest of the world (if you choose :-)). Just make sure that it’s what YOU want. Often times, we can be selfless people and spend an entire day looking after others and forget about ourselves. I am here to remind you that YOU matter. Even if its just having a cup of coffee and meditating for 5 minutes during the day, do it for YOU. Remember, you are stronger than what you think and if you need help remembering it, I am here for you. Have a prosperous week.

Carla Marie

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