Happy Tuesday,

Only Time Will Heal Wounds.  This statement is very powerful. I recently experienced a situation where I put my trust in someone and it backfired.  Instead of sinking into quicksand and letting it get the best of me, I decided that I needed to realize why this happened and learn from it.  At times, we all want to put our trust in others but just like love, trust is earned and you have to be cautious of who you “will it” too.  There are so many ways that I could have handled this situation, but every scenario that I could think of showed me that I would be giving away a little of Carla and I didn’t like that.  Therefore, I prayed and meditated about it and told myself to let the pain go and move on.  I started doing things to fill the void like exercising and reading my novels to remove the negativity.  My only bad flaw was that I allowed myself to eat what I wanted for ONE week ONLY as my comfort.  After that, I went back to healthier choices.

I know it’s not as easy for some of you out there when you do lose a job or have a bad breakup.   You can’t over obsess and think about the “what if’s” or “what could I have done differently” because the outcome was already set.  Life is a long journey of making mistakes and discovering new things about yourself.  Just think, if you didn’t lose that job or have that breakup, you would still be in the same state of mind. If it ever happens again, you will already know how to move forward and find something or someone better.  Lean on your friends and family for comfort and support to get through the hard times.  If you feel as if they don’t understand and you want a different perspective, just remember that I am here if you need me.

Carla Marie, MA, LPC

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