My name is Carla Marie and I have over 20 years of experience in the area of counseling and psychotherapy.  I have worked with many individuals and provided them with the necessary skills and interventions to face life’s obstacles and be successful.  My main form of therapy is the person-centered approach.  This type of therapy allows the client to take more of a lead in the discussion so that, in the process, the client will discover their own solutions.  My goal is to encourage and support you while guiding you through the process of your own self-discovery.

What to Expect

Person-centered therapy is talk therapy wherein the client does most of the talking. I will not judge or try to interpret what you say but may restate your words in an attempt to fully understand your thoughts and feelings. When you hear your own words repeated back to you, you may then wish to self-edit and clarify your meaning. This may happen several times until you decide that you have expressed exactly what you are thinking and how you feel. There may be moments of silence to allow your thoughts to sink in. This client-focused process facilitates your self-discovery, self-acceptance, and provides a means toward healing and positive growth.


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